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Return Rabbit is a leading returns and exchange solution for Shopify eCommerce brands. Join our growing partner network to help us enable more growth together!

We love developing value-based partnerships. From platform integrations to strategic partners, our ears perk up at the opportunity to join forces and help more merchants succeed.

Integration Partners

When you become a Return Rabbit integration partner, we align on what matters most: helping merchants provide a better eCommerce experience. Our relationships span from customer experience partnerships like Gorgias and Recharge to shipping and logistics partnerships with Whiplash and Shiphero.

Our API makes it fast and easy to offer a powerful, automated integration to your customers. All coding aside, the best part is putting our heads together to collaborate on comarketing opportunities and other fun ways to showcase our offering.

Strategic Partners

We’re always exploring new ways to unlock growth potential, and that includes agencies, developers, and leaders who are passionate about powering eCommerce. Whether it’s win-win comarketing or revenue share referrals, we’re ready to talk!

“Benefits are far-reaching, from returns and exchanges to customer support to marketing to product development. The ability to match the portal to our brand and analyze product feedback has been a key revenue driver and customer retention strategy.”
Betsie Larkin

Founder and CEO, HONEYLOVE


“Dang, that’s super cool! We can finally do what our customers want us to do.”


“Diving into specific return reasons has really allowed us to make improvements to our products faster. It’s really a treasure trove of information that we can use to be smarter about how we run our business.”


“This app has freed our team up with automated returns, an easy to use dashboard for customers, and their excellent support team – always quick to help. This is a must try for anyone looking to elevate their Customer Experience!”

Andy & Evan

“Return Rabbit has not only saved us manpower, but it has also boosted our ability to retain sales and customers
through exchanges, while giving us valuable insight into customer preferences and product feedback.”


“As a micro-brand I was looking for a no-hassle way to load in a returns and exchanges app to my website, with some easy configuration. I installed Return Rabbit and in a few minutes I had a returns and exchanges portal. Can’t wait to learn more about how to use this app. Well done!”


“Massively improved our operations. Highly recommend Return Rabbit!”

Biion Footwear

“Partnering with Return Rabbit has really transformed our online experience.”

Lesley Evers

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