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Change is Hard.

But switching from Returnly to Return Rabbit is hare-raisingly easy.

Return Rabbit is an exchange-first, revenue-driven returns management platform for Shopify brands that want to take the post-purchase experience to the next level.

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Don’t settle for an average returns management platform.

All Return Rabbit merchants have unlimited access to:







A non-restrictive returns management platform

6,000 Yearly Returns

Full Access to Platform Features

1,000 Yearly Returns

Restricted Access to Revenue-Driving Features

Return Rabbit vs Returnly: How do our features compare?

When you make the switch to Return Rabbit, you’ll have access to our entire suite of post-purchase features—you don’t have to pay for any extras or add-ons. See how our features compare to Returnly:

1. Advanced Analytics

Return Rabbit is driven by data and offers all merchants access to advanced analytics. You won’t find deeper or more immediately actionable data analysis, including robust reporting within any other returns management platform (especially for no extra $$$).

2. Revenue-Focused

Return Rabbit is revenue-focused. We understand how to fit returns into your sales funnel in a way that feeds back into your revenue stream. Around here, returns = revenue.

3. Utilization of REX

Return Rabbit utilizes the leading eCommerce product recommendation engine, REX, to deliver product suggestions that can turn returns into exchanges and increase overall average order value.

4. Customizable Automation and Business Rules

Return Rabbit keeps your brand front and center thanks to customizable automation and business rules—your returns portal will fit seamlessly within your brand.

5. Exchange Incentives

Return Rabbit allows merchants to issue store credits and exchange incentives for returns and use mobile-friendly QR codes to help customers speed through the process.

6. Robust Insights on Customers

Return Rabbit gives merchants deep insights into customer return reasons; if you don’t know why a customer returns an item, then you can’t improve.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“The Return Rabbit platform really is the best of its kind. From exhcange functionality, to analytics, to the portal itself, our experience has been nothing short of fantastic and the proof is in the numbers. We are thrilled to have such a great partner in our corner!”

–Eric Ludwig, CEO of PAWZ

You’re in good company

Shopify brands that use Return Rabbit have seen a 112% increase in upsells and a 100% increase in exchange rate.

The search for your next returns management solution is over.

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FAQs For a Returnly Migration to Return Rabbit

Why should I choose Return Rabbit over Loop?

Our revenue-focused returns management platform has all of the bells and whistles, without the massive price tag. You deserve full catalog exchanges, enterprise-grade analytics, and a branded customer experience—so we include it all and more, for every customer. No surprise fees, or popular features locked behind an upgrade. Along with access to our full suite of features, our plans start at a minimum of 6,000 returns per year, while Loop limits starter plans to 1,000 returns a year.

How do I get started?

If you want to see a live walkthrough of the platform first, book a demo. Or connect your Shopify store here to start customizing your returns portal, branded emails, and smart product recommendations. Your store can be live in less than 48 hours!

What if I already have a contract with a different returns management solution?

Even if you’re already in a contract with Loop, Aftership, Happy Returns, Narvar, Return Prime, or another Shopify returns app, you can make the switch and start using Return Rabbit today. Apply here to get full access to Return Rabbit for the rest of your current contract.

What are exchange incentives?

Exchange incentives are another way to encourage an exchange over a return. That could mean a one-time exchange bonus at checkout, discount forwarding, gift card incentives, or offering full catalog exchanges.