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360-degree view of your returns management process

You need the data to streamline your products and strengthen the customer experience. We have an easy-to-use dashboard with everything you need.

Premium Features (Without The $$$)

You need the data to streamline your products and strengthen the customer experience. We have an easy to use dashboard with everything you need.

ROI-based reporting for your Shopify store

Return Rabbit’s robust dashboard empowers merchants to:

Optimize their products

Discover return trends

Drive customer loyalty

Reduce returns and drive more revenue

Increase customer intelligence

Improve customer experiences

Discover return trends that impact your bottom line

30% of all products ordered online are returned, and Return Rabbit is changing that narrative. Our analytics dashboards uncovers how many refunds and exchanges are currently processing and how they are shifting throughout the year so you can better inform your returns management strategy.

​​Analyze customer return reasons and optimize your products

Stop unnecessary returns at the source. Within the Return Rabbit dashboard, merchants can quickly analyze customer product feedback to learn which products are being returned the most and why. With the right data, you can make the necessary adjustments to reduce your return rate, delight your customers, and increase your bottom line.

Get to know your customers on a personal level

Get up close and personal with your customers. Understand how your shoppers access returns, how often they exchange items, the risk of a return per purchase, and how quickly your customers send products back so your brand can dominate the post-purchase experience. Get insight on how to determine an ideal return window and better connect with your customers.

Ready to do more with your returns data?

Learn more about your customers, improve your products, and stay ahead of the competition with a return platform driven by robust data and actionable insights.