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Your Favorite Brands Love Return Rabbit

Hundred of Shopify brands are hopping on the returns revolution. Their retaining nearly $3.3 million in revenue, doubling exchange rates, and slashing time spend on returns.

What Our Customers Say

“Our previous returns management platform was restrictive and, frankly, pretty generic. The reporting and data features were substandard and exchange options were very limited. But with Return Rabbit, we haven’t run into those issues. There’s a great amount of flexibility within the portal itself that’s made the return process a lot easier to navigate. Plus, we’re retaining more revenue by converting more returns into exchanges!”

Lena Song

Head of Operations at Honeylove
“With Return Rabbit, we’re able to provide a positive returns experience for both our customers and our internal team. Having an automated returns management system has completely changed how we work and spend our time. We can now focus on more important things at hand like further improving the post purchase experience for our customers.”

Andrew Kierban

Partner & COO at Biion
“When we first launched with Return Rabbit, we didn’t realize how much time we’d save on customer support and operations. Automating the entire returns experience allows us to devote so much time to other areas of our business!”

Laura Pinkowski

Head of Customer Care at Lesley Evers
“Return Rabbit made the integration process absolutely seamless, but we never expected to see such impactful results so quickly. We increased our exchange rate by 100% in less than 2 months, who else can say that?”

Dylan Richards

Operations Manager at PAWZ

Less returns. More exchanges. A better return on investment.

The data doesn’t lie. Brands are retaining more revenue and converting more exchanges than every before with Return Rabbit! Try us out, risk free.