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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers here to all of your burning questions about Return Rabbit: how it works, how we compare to our competitors, and what to expect when you choose us for returns and exchanges in your Shopify store.

About Us

Basic questions about Return Rabbit
What kind of customers do you work with?
Our customers include Shopify ecommerce brands of all shapes and sizes. Our platform is built to support small and scaling businesses as well as ecommerce enterprise superstars! From apparel to home furnishing to luxury goods, Return Rabbit has you covered.
Return Rabbit believes in reducing our pawprint on the planet, and we can directly impact that by reducing the amount of returns in ecommerce. The data customers can glean from our platform analytics helps them improve product quality and communication so more purchases are right the first time. Plus, our remote-only employee environment means our Rabbiteers work from the comfort of their own home (or wherever sparks joy during the workday!) to eliminate commute-related emissions.
Glad you asked! First of all, you may assume that Return Rabbit is just another simple returns app—but it’s so much more! Packed with features and functionality that the other guys keep locked behind their enterprise tier, Return Rabbit enables all customers to automate returns and refunds, as well as full catalog exchanges fueled by our smart recommendations engine. But wait, there’s more! You get custom email notifications, branded tracking pages, robust analytics and actionable insights, and more. In addition, we just expanded our rabbit family with the recent launch of Tracking Rabbit for automated order tracking, lookup, and notifications. Now we’ve got you covered from the moment your customer clicks “complete order.”
While our platform is not multi-lingual or enabled for translation yet, we do follow the currency set up in Shopify. For further details, please email us at

The Product

All questions about Return Rabbit’s platform
What is Return Rabbit?
We’re a revenue-focused returns management platform for Shopify brands who want to level up their post purchase experience. Our technology is data driven and focused on increasing your bottom line so you can retain revenue, and customers. But the best part, the truly AMAZING part, is that it’s easy. Simple to set up and easy to automate. So much that one customer said “Dang, that’s super cool! We can finally do what our customers want us to do.”
Of course! Just grab a time here and our team will walk you through the product. If you prefer to watch a pre-recorded demo instead, you can do that here.
Start by signing up for a free trial or install Return Rabbit directly from the Shopify App Store! In less than 48 hours, we’ll have you up and running and you can start customizing your returns portal, branded emails, and smart product recommendations using REX.
You can customize your colors, logo placement, and messaging easily within the platform.
Our trusty recommendation engine, REX, is only found at Return Rabbit and leverages customer buying behavior to provide personalized recommendations that drive more exchanges. REX makes the return and exchange process more tailored, efficient, and cost-effective.
Exchange incentives are another way to encourage an exchange over a return. That could mean a one-time exchange bonus credit at checkout, exchange coverage, exchange credit, discount forwarding, or offering full catalog exchanges (we do all that and more!).
We automate your returns process to make it so easy a rabbit can do it. From your Return Rabbit portal, just find the ticket on your home screen and approve or deny. Done!
Exchanges can be enabled or disabled via service reasons. To disable exchanges completely, just ensure no exchange types are enabled on any reason.
Yes, you can! Even if you’re not a Shopify Plus merchant, you can still offer gift cards through Return Rabbit.
Yes, you can. To do that, navigate to the service request, and click on related requests. In the shipping section, you will see the button to resend the shipping label. You can type in the e-mail address you want this to be sent to and you will get the shipping label again.
To return an item in a physical store, your shopper will simply go through the entire returns process online and choose “Return to Store”, then drop it off in-person. POS not needed, super easy!
We integrate with top 3PL companies, carriers, and other leading Shopify apps to ensure you can automate and simplify your business. Some of our most popular integrations include EasyPost, Whiplash, and Recharge. If we don’t have an existing integration with something you need, just let us know and we can have a conversation about how to meet your needs.

Customer Support & Security

Find solutions to common inquiries about Assistance and Safety.
Do you have 24/7 customer support?
Of course! Our support team is always a ticket or an email away.
What makes us different is our unparalleled white glove onboarding support. You can install Return Rabbit directly from the Shopify store, but we’ll immediately be in touch to handle as much or as little setup as you need to ensure you get maximum value out of our product. And we’re talking about a live person going through your strategy and goals face-to-face (over Zoom, of course).
Yes. We take your data security very seriously and adhere to all global and local regulations to keep your information and your shoppers’ information safe.

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