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We ❤️ Returns

And once you install Return Rabbit, you’ll love returns too.

Why Shopify Brands Choose Return Rabbit:

Boost Revenue Retention

We make returns profitable. Drive exchanges and repeat purchases with the latest returns management technology and tools.

Secure Customer Loyalty

Retain your existing customers by making the returns process a breeze. Implement generous return policies and offer a variety shipping methods.

Save Time and Money

Spend less time manually approving and processing returns. Optimze your returns process with Return Rabbit’s fully automated platform.

Maximize Revenue Retention

Still viewing returns as a cost-suck? It’s time to change your perspective. Return Rabbit helps Shopify businesses drive more revenue with every return. Capitalize on a multitude of exchange incentives, enterprise-grade analytics, ROI-based reporting, personalized returns portal, and more.

Increase Customer Loyalty

A return request signals that the customer-brand relationship is in hot water—ensure your brand does everything possible to rectify the situation with a seamless returns experience. Offer a variety of exchange and shipping options that foster customer loyalty and keeps customers around for years to come

Boost Efficiency

Automating your returns management processes frees up your customer support team to tackle more complex problems and improves your bottom line.