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How it works

We configure all of your integrations for you

Our included onboarding services take care of behind-the-scenes work.

We talk to your integrations to share customer data

Data is passed back and forth to make your Shopify store hum.

You sit back and watch business blossom!

Reclaim time and earn more revenue with automated processes.

Most Popular Integrations


Guarantee peace of mind by integrating Return Rabbit with shipping carriers and aggregators for easy label generation, preferred shipping rates, and more. That means you use your own rates, get access to more carriers, and there’s no disruption to your billing – it all stays the way you want it!


Popular integrations help you provide transparency into your returns process for warehouses, 3PLs, and ERPs. Ensure you have seamless end-to-end fulfillment and always know what’s happening behind the scenes.

Customer Experience

Extend the customer experience benefits of Return Rabbit with your favorite integrations for post-purchase data and customer service processes. Automating eases the load on customer support and makes shoppers happy—everybody wins!

Featured Integration Partner

The ecommerce helpdesk that turns customer service into profits.

Return Rabbit integrates with Gorgias so you can create a seamless support experience by placing all returns and exchanges data inside your Gorgias admin. Save time and focus on customer needs to close tickets faster with everything you need in one place.

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