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How Pawz increased their exchange rate 100% in just 2 months

“The decision to go with Return Rabbit was a no-brainer. Not only do they provide a smooth process for our team and our customers alike, but Return Rabbit really set themselves apart by driving massive improvements to exchanges and return experience satisfaction immediately after launching.”

Customer Service Manager at Pawz

Hundreds of thousands of dogs are killed in U.S. animal shelters every year simply because they can’t find safe places to call home. PAWZ was founded to change that storyline.

The team at PAWZ is a passionate group of animal lovers who leverage their skills in fashion design to raise awareness and money to help save dogs’ lives and find them loving homes. They donate 10% of profits from sales on their catalog of clothing and accessories on their Shopify eCommerce store to local and national no-kill animal shelters and animal welfare organizations.

The Challenge

The challenge facing PAWZ was finding a returns management solution that could grow with them and offer the policy and automation flexibility they needed.They were using a competing returns solution to manage returns and exchanges, but the PAWZ team was unhappy with the limitations of the exchange functionality and the manual process of many aspects of the returns process. They felt managing returns was tedious and time-intensive, and wanted something more hands-off and automated. Pretty ruff, right?

In their search for a better returns management solution, PAWZ evaluated several other leading returns management solutions. After comparing the features of each platform, Return Rabbit turned out to be an easy choice.

PAWZ launched with Return Rabbit in February 2022. Costs to migrate were significantly more affordable compared to competing solutions, exchanges functionality (including full catalog exchanges) was robust and addressed all of their pain points, the entire solution was fully automated, and the seamless integration with Shopify was a huge determining factor. What’s more, the dedicated support throughout the setup and onboarding experience made the process smooth and easy—PAWZ was up and running in a couple days.

“Return Rabbit made the integration process absolutely seamless, but we never expected to see such impactful results so quickly. We increased our exchange rate by 100% in less than 2 months, who else can say that?”

Operations Manager at Pawz

The Results

Improving the PAWZ Returns and Exchanges Process

PAWZ immediately saw a quick succession of big wins after going live with Return Rabbit. The first was when they created a customer return label. All it took was a click of a button with Return Rabbit, instead of a series of manual, tedious steps. Less time processing returns allowed for faster turnaround time and happier customers. Caleb Book, Customer Service Manager, summarized this saying, “Dang, that’s super cool! We can finally do what our customers want us to do.”

Drastically Reducing Customer Returns

Prior to using Return Rabbit, PAWZ was accustomed to a return rate that regularly fluctuated as high as 7%. The average ecommerce return rate for apparel is 25%, so PAWZ was already outperforming industry benchmarks with the average eCommerce return rate being 25% for apparel companies1, but there’s always room for improvement. Within just two months of using Return Rabbit, they’ve reduced returns by 50%, down to a steady return rate of just 2.5%. Now that will really get your tail wagging!

Leveraging Automated Full Catalog Exchange

One of the biggest goals for PAWZ when switching to Return Rabbit was to improve the customer experience with a better exchange process. In addition to allowing customers to exchange for a different color or size variant of the same style, Return Rabbit enables exchanges from their entire product catalog. With Return Rabbit’s smart recommendation engine, PAWZ can automate the recommendations or customize them with best-sellers, popular categories, or new products.

Before the switch, PAWZ exchanges accounted for 40% of all returns. In their first two months, exchanges have increased 100% and now represent 80% of all returns! Dylan Richards, Operations Manager, noticed this as their crowning “a-ha moment” that validated their decision to partner with Return Rabbit.

While profits are key to the success of any ecommerce business, their importance means something different at PAWZ because every saved sale helps animals in need. A smoother returns process means that more animals get to find their forever home since PAWZ donates 10% of all profits to animal shelters and welfare organizations.

Return Rabbit’s return management solution empowered PAWZ to save twice as many animals through revenue retained converting to exchanges in just two months. That’s an easy way to do more good.

“The Return Rabbit platform really is the best of its kind. From exchange functionality, to analytics, to the portal itself, our experience has been nothing short of fantastic and the proof is in the numbers. We are thrilled to have such a great partner in our corner!”

Eric Ludwig

CEO of Pawz

Returns Automation is Hare-Raisingly Easy.

Return Rabbit’s revenue-focused, data-driven technology makes the entire returns management process simple for Shopify merchants and their shoppers. Fast to launch and easy to use, Return Rabbit serves large and small merchants alike with robust functionality and turnkey solutions. Returns management is often viewed as a cost center for eCommerce brands, but we’re here to reinvent the wheel. With Return Rabbit’s proprietary technology, now returns management is a revenue-driving machine. Start your free trial today.

Data referenced in this case study are from 2022, provided by Pawz as well as from Return Rabbit’s platform analytics.
1. Returning to order: Improving returns management for apparel companies

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Merchant Vitals


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