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How Biion transformed the post-purchase experience with Return Rabbit’s automated returns management platform

Born from the idea that EVA (a lightweight foam material) footwear could be elevated in both performance and design, Biion Footwear emerged in 2015, providing “intelligently irreverent” footwear with a wish to inspire and empower people to make the most of all they do. Their designs appeal to professional leisure-ists, trailblazers, trendsetters, and influencers, with modern takes on classic silhouettes infused with technology that delivers ultimate lasting comfort.

The Challenge

The challenge facing Biion was that their lackluster returns process was manual and did not allow customers to exchange products. They had been using a competitor’s software as their Shopify returns management solution for several years but it lacked the capability to convert returns into exchanges.

The return process was difficult from the beginning. Customers were required to return an item, then wait for their refund to repurchase something new. Biion’s team was required to handle the returns process manually which resulted in a returns process that took up to 3 weeks from start to finish. This drawn out process often led to situations where the replacement item the customer wanted was no longer on sale, out of stock, or discontinued. These shortcomings negatively impacted customer experience and overall revenue retention.

The Solution

In their search for a better returns management solution, Biion evaluated several options and ultimately chose Return Rabbit due to the platform’s automation capabilities and full catalog exchange options. After launching in 2022, the Biion team was extremely satisfied with the quick set-up time, affordability compared to other leading solutions, and the exchanges functionality. These elements added valuable revenue retention opportunities to the returns process.

There was an immediate feeling of relief knowing the amount of time the Biion team was saving because of their new automated returns process. The dedicated support throughout the setup and onboarding experience made the process smooth and easy—Biion was up and running in a couple days.

“With Return Rabbit, we’re able to provide a positive returns experience for both our customers and our internal team. Having an automated returns management system has completely changed how we work and spend our time. We can now focus on more important things at hand like further improving the post purchase experience for our customers.”

Partner & COO of Biion

The Results

Enabling Biion Exchanges for The First Time

Biion achieved impressive results immediately after going live with Return Rabbit—namely their exchange rate skyrocketed to 40% of all returns versus the 0% they reported previously. This easy, automated process enabled Biion to save more sales and exceed customer expectations, without being held back by technology

Drastically Reducing Return Processing Time

Prior to using Return Rabbit, Biion’s return process window could take up to three weeks—far longer than the 8 day average for all Shopify merchants and same day capability available with Return Rabbit.1 Long processing times affect the customers’ ability to exchange their item for the correct one, putting customer retention and lifetime value at risk. Customers don’t want to wait weeks for their return to be processed—and they shouldn’t have to! In less than a month with Return Rabbit, Biion reduced their 3 week return process window to an average of just 3 days. That’s an 86% improvement!

Utilizing Tactical Analytics and Insights

One of the biggest wins the Biion team experienced was understanding why customers were returning or exchanging their items. Jessica Annand shared, “When we first took a deep dive into Return Rabbit’s reports and analytics, we found the key to our problems. Customers loved our product, but they just got the wrong size or color, wanted a different style, or it was a gift. Our product wasn’t the issue. That’s when I realized this was the right platform for us.”

“As a customer myself, I know first-hand how disappointing it can be to wait weeks for a return to be processed. Now that we’ve been able to decrease our return processing window to mere days with Return Rabbit, we can more effectively meet the needs of our customers.”

Operations Coordinator at Biion

Return Rabbit’s fully customizable return reasons and subreasons allowed the Biion team to drill down for customer insights that reaffirm product quality and customer loyalty, whereas before they lacked visibility into their product returns. Understanding the problem at the source allowed Biion to make the necessary adjustments to delight their customers and retain more revenue.

As a growing company, we knew we needed to partner with a software vendor that understood the importance of scalability and efficiency to fuel growth. We found just that with Return Rabbit. The platform enables us to grow and expand our offerings without any red tape or roadblocks.”

Richard Buchanan

CEO of Biion

Returns Automation is Hare-Raisingly Easy.

Return Rabbit’s revenue-focused, data-driven technology makes the entire returns management process simple for Shopify merchants and their shoppers. Fast to launch and easy to use, Return Rabbit serves large and small merchants alike with robust functionality and turnkey solutions. Returns management is often viewed as a cost center for eCommerce brands, but we’re here to reinvent the wheel. With Return Rabbit’s proprietary technology, now returns management is a revenue-driving machine. Start your free trial today.

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