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Return Magic vs. Return Rabbit: Which platform is best?

Why should you make the jump to Return Rabbit from Return Magic?

First and foremost, Shopify lists Return Rabbit as one of the top Return Magic alternatives for returns management processing. Here are a few more reasons:

1. Return Rabbit is 100% automated so you don’t have to spend hours going in and out of the platform to process a return or exchange. We free up your time so you can do more important things.

2. Return Rabbit is data-driven in every sense. You won’t find deeper or more immediately actionable data analysis, including robust reporting.

3. Return Rabbit is revenue-focused. We understand how to fit returns into your sales funnel in a way that feeds back into your revenue stream.

4. Return Rabbit delivers 5x ROI on returns versus the other guys while providing more exchanges and less returns in a cost-effective package—it’s a no brainer.

5. Return Rabbit utilizes a next-level eCommerce recommendation engineREX, to deliver effective product suggestions that can turn returns into exchanges and increase overall average order value.

6. Return Rabbit keeps your brand front and center thanks to customizable automation and business rules—your returns portal will fit seamlessly within your brand.

7. We’ll make the transition from Return Magic so easy you won’t miss a beat. In less than 48 hours you’ll have a better returns management portal up and running.

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Return Rabbit Analytics

Return Rabbit knows data and has the expertise to turn data insights into actionable, profitable steps you can take right away to improve your products. Return Rabbit analytics empower merchants by allowing them to answer the big questions within a single dashboard interface:

  • How much revenue is being retained through exchanges?

  • What are your top performing products?

  • What products are being returned the most?

  • Why are customers returning products?

  • When are customers returning products?

Each of these questions determine merchants’ next best steps, but like many other providers, Return Magic doesn’t address the big picture view with the same level of analysis as Return Rabbit.

Our revenue-focused approach to analytics delivers meaningful insights you can apply in real-time. Return Rabbit empowers merchants to take the agile, responsive approach to data insights required to thrive in today’s retail sector.

Why do you need an automated returns management solution?

Return Rabbit turns the typical approach to returns on its head. Many merchants assume returns are a sunk cost; some try to mitigate those expenses by introducing complex or expensive returns policies that drive down overall returns. This approach might help in the short term, but customer loyalty is sure to suffer in the longer term. Return Rabbit actually drives revenue through your returns portal.

Revenue from returns? What’s this sorcery? It’s true! Return Rabbit applies data-driven product recommendations and exchange incentives to turn a higher percentage of would-be returns into product exchanges. Returns are supplemented by automated, personalized upselling and cross-selling opportunities that truly drive customer spend and loyalty. Also, because our platform is 100% automated, you don’t have to worry about spending hours processing returns and exchanges. As a matter of fact, we want you to spend as little time as possible in the platform (unless you’re diving through data to improve the customer experience).

Are you ready for a better returns management experience?

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