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Return Rabbit + Honeylove: Scaling through returns management

When Honeylove first launched publicly back in 2018, the brand relied on a manual returns management platform. Which was fine for a budding company, but as an established apparel brand wanting to grow, manual returns were costing time and money.

Then one cold call changed everything.

Read the full case study here.

The main challenge: A dynamic returns portal

Honeylove was growing fast and they needed a returns management platform that could keep up. But their platform at the time turned out to be unreliable. The problems started as soon as the return was initiated and went downhill from there.

It all stemmed from a lack of automation and customization which led to high return rates, which the apparel industry already struggles with. To combat this, Honeylove chose Return Rabbit as their returns management solution to automate their processes, drive exchanges, provide actionable insights, and work in partnership towards a larger goal.

“Our previous returns management platform was restrictive and frankly, pretty generic. The reporting and data features were substandard and exchange options were very limited. But with Return Rabbit, we haven’t run into those issues. There’s a great amount of flexibility within the portal itself that’s made the return process a lot easier to navigate. Plus we’re retaining more revenue by converting more returns into exchanges!” —Lena Song, Head of Operations at Honeylove

Honeylove teamed up with Return Rabbit for a solution

Honeylove’s mission is to embolden women of all shapes and sizes through high quality apparel and shapewear that can be worn with pride, and comfort. But even after meticulous testing, not every product will turn out to be perfect for each person. To ensure that each product can be improved in a timely manner, Honeylove turned to Return Rabbit’s product specific return reasons feature.

“Diving into specific return reasons has really allowed us to make improvements to our products faster. It’s really a treasure trove of information that we can use to be smarter about how we run our business.” -Trevor Humphrey, CX at Honeylove

Product specific return reasons and subreasons allows customers to send feedback on what didn’t work with their purchase as they go through the return process. Whether it’s too big, too small, not the right color, ect—anything is possible.

The results: A revenue-driving growth partner

Honeylove has automated their entire returns process which resulted in massive reduction in manual touches. In 2021 alone, Honeylove automated 150,268 returns which ultimately saved them the equivalent 15 full-time employees on the CX team.

It’s no secret that automations are going to streamline your processes and give your employees back the time they need to do more important things. But Return Rabbit’s key differentiator is driving revenue retention throughout the return and exchange process.

Last year, 25% of all returns with Honeylove were converted to exchanges. Happier customers, retained revenue—what could be better?

But results of this caliber don’t happen overnight. Success comes from understanding short and long-term goals, and doing whatever it takes to make that happen. It’s about partnership—not just a transaction.

Download the case studyto see even more results from our partnership.

Returns Automation is Hare-Raisingly Easy.

From start-up to established operation, Return Rabbit was able to scale with Honeylove every step of the way.

Our revenue-focused, data driven technology makes the entire returns management process simple for Shopify brands in the apparel industry. Returns management is often viewed as a cost center for eCommerce brands, but we’re here to reinvent the wheel. With Return Rabbit’s proprietary technology, now returns management is a revenue driving machine.

Are you ready to hop on the returns revolution with us? Start your 14-day free trial of Return Rabbit today!

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