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Return Rabbit product update: A smarter way to do eCommerce

In September of 2021, we launched REX, Return Rabbit’s smart recommendation engine. But REX isn’t the only thing that makes Return Rabbit the leading ‘exchange-first’ platform. Here are some other features we offer to keep you focused on the customer experience and improve your product offerings:

Incentivize exchanges and remind your shoppers about it

There are several ways to incentivize shoppers within the platform to opt for an exchange rather than return. Merchants can:

  • Waive fees for exchanges over returns

  • Allow customers to carry-forward a discount they used (no use in letting that great sale price go to waste!)

  • Enable bonus exchange cash which provides your shopper with a one-time bonus discount incentive

  • Offer exchange credit for higher price items. So if your shopper is looking at a product slightly more expensive, waive off a set amount to ensure a smooth process

But here’s the thing, you need to make sure that your customers know these options exist. In the Return Rabbit platform we have the option to provide an ‘Exchange Incentive’ reminder when someone chooses to return an item – just the extra nudge they need to make use of REX and find the perfect product!

Time is money, don’t make your customer wait

Whether you call it the ‘Amazon effect’ or the ‘millennial effect’, customers now expect their products and refunds fast, if not instant.

With Return Rabbit’s automation rules, you can decide how quickly you’d like to process that refund or send out the exchanged product. Whether that happens on the first scan of the package, as soon as it hits your warehouse, or even as soon as they process the request—it’s up to you.

This combined with our branded tracking pages allows you to provide a quick and clear service to your shoppers—increasing customer loyalty and boosting retention.

Get the right product feedback for your products

More often than not shoppers are faced with generic return reasons that don’t add any value to their process and don’t provide the merchant with valuable insight. If you were selling a tea kettle, you wouldn’t want to know if it was ‘too big’ or ‘too small’. You’d want to know if the spout was too short or the handle too big. Return Rabbit allows you to configure custom reason codes for your specialized products and the data analytics necessary to dig into the real reason your customers are returning certain products.

Try it out for yourself for free

If you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger yet, you can try Return Rabbit for free for 14-days. No gimmicks. No contracts. Just add Return Rabbit to your eCommerce website and start seeing the difference a few carrots can make. Get started here.

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