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Return Rabbit product update: More data, more integrations, more sales

We’ve been busy upgrading our returns management platform to ensure that Return Rabbit merchants have access to everything they need to succeed. From deeper analytics insights to access to more carriers than ever before, here’s what’s new to Return Rabbit:

Data, analytics, and insights galore

Our latest analytics update includes a new and improved user dashboard and insights section to give our merchants a deeper look into their returns data. In one-click you can easily see the amount of revenue retained via exchanges, amount of refunds processed, and more. The upgraded analytics dashboard will let Return Rabbit merchants discover:

  • Emerging trends in returns and exchanges: This includes how many refunds and exchanges are currently processing and how they are shifting so you can better inform your returns management strategy.

  • Detailed product feedback insights: You can’t improve your products if you don’t know what’s wrong with them. This area defines which products are being returned the most and why along with insights on which product updates need to be made to reduce your return rate.

  • Analysis of shopper behaviors: Understanding how your shoppers are accessing returns, how often they’re exchanging items, the risk of a return per sale, and how quickly your customers send products back is vital for success. This data helps determine the ideal return window and how you connect with your customers.

Seamless Returns for Shopify POS and In-store

Have a physical store, an online store, a warehouse and so much more? No problem—our portal allows you to offer more options to your customers. We now offer returns and exchanges through the platform on any items sold using POS, and better yet, customers have the option to return their items to a store.

Custom service windows for refund methods

Want to offer a longer service window while you continue to retain revenue? Great! In addition to our exchange-first features, we now have the option to allow for different service windows based on the refund methods. Merchants now have the option of limiting refund to original payment for a shorter window, while still allowing returns for store credit for a longer timeframe.

Returns Shipping – your carriers, more carriers, and low costs

Your carriers, your way. We’ve partnered with Easypost for our automatic label generation to allow merchants to access over 100 carriers and bring their preferred carrier rates. You can add multiple carriers and we will find the cheapest option for you.

What are you waiting for?

There’s no better time to start transforming your returns management process. Schedule a demo with our team here or jump right in with a free trial.

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