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Return Rabbit vs Happy Returns: Which platform wins?

Why do I need a returns management solution?

Returns are a headache and an expensive, sunk cost—right? Wrong! It doesn’t have to be that way. A returns management solution takes charge of this time-consuming ecommerce chore.

It may be tempting to dissuade shoppers from making returns by creating a hoop-jumping process. This could work to drive down returns-related costs in the short term, but for merchants who are invested in building customer loyalty, it’s a risky move. In a world where there are countless ecommerce choices, smart merchants seize every opportunity to delight shoppers, including offering seamless, simple returns processes.

Return Rabbit not only allows merchants to offer a great returns method, but it actually drives revenue through your returns portal.

Say what? Returns cost money; they don’t create it. Or do they? Ta-dah! Like the rabbit from the magician’s hat, Return Rabbit delivers a great surprise: turning returns into revenue.

Full disclosure—it’s not actually magic, but it might as well be. Return Rabbit uses smart automation and data-driven product recommendations to convert more returns into exchanges, and those exchanges into larger purchases. Without lifting a finger, merchants can tempt shoppers with automated, personalized upselling and cross-selling techniques that drive higher customer spend and foster that all-important customer loyalty.

Why Return Rabbit Is the Best Alternative to Happy Returns by PayPal

Here are a few reasons.

  1. Return Rabbit is driven by data. You won’t find deeper or more immediately actionable data analysis, including robust reporting.

  2. Return Rabbit is revenue-focused. We understand how to fit returns into your sales funnel in a way that feeds back into your revenue stream.

  3. Return Rabbit delivers five times ROI on returns versus Happy Returns.

  4. Return Rabbit utilizes the leading eCommerce recommendation engineREX, to deliver incredibly effective product suggestions that can turn returns into exchanges and increase overall Average Order Value.

  5. Return Rabbit keeps your brand front and center thanks to customizable automation and business rules — your returns portal will fit seamlessly within your brand.

  6. Return Rabbit allows merchants to issue instant credit, store credits, exchange incentives and full catalog exchanges that incentivize shoppers to make additional purchases, unlike Happy Returns.

  7. Return Rabbit gives merchants insights into shopper return reasons; Happy Returns doesn’t.

Return Rabbit Delivers Meaningful Data Insights

Return Rabbit’s “magic” is actually quite scientific, but here’s the best part: the platform unravels the complexity, drilling down to actionable, profitable steps you can take right away to increase revenue and build loyalty.

Instead of a complicated, mess of data that feels unusable without a lot of work (and expense), Return Rabbit delivers insights that empower merchants to answer the big picture questions:

  • How much revenue is being retained through exchanges?

  • What are the top performing products?

  • What products are being returned the most?

  • Why are shoppers returning products?

  • When are shoppers returning products?

While Happy Returns promises data analysis, Return Rabbit delivers deep, specific insights into shopper behavior and expectations.

With the Return Rabbit returns platform, merchants streamline returns while becoming more agile and responsive. Because the platform is data-driven and revenue-focused, merchants gain meaningful insights they can apply in real-time.

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